Books on the use of innovative approaches to business education soon will be ready! We are pleased to inform that due to the large response from researchers and practitioners dealing with issues of business education there will be prepared four, not two as it was initially planned, publications on this topic. Books are being prepared right now and they should be available in late August / early September 2014. They will be able free of charge in the printed form and they will be also downloadable from the project website.


In June, two meetings were held to disseminate the project, organized for the graduates of Gdansk University of Technology and representatives of SMEs. The meetings were attended by 145 people, of whom 81 are employed in small or medium-sized enterprises .

Pilot trainings

Pilot trainings already completed! All the partner universities have already conducted testing of e-learning course based on case studies from small and medium-sized enterprises. The testing was attended by a total of 50 representatives of SMEs and university graduates. Now the guidelines are being developed to improve the course. After modifications, the course will be available free of charge to all the interested parties at the beginning of October 2014.

Post-conference thanks

Once more many thanks to all the participants of the Conference on Innovative Teaching in Business and Management, which was held on the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology on 08.04.2014. We thank you all and send greetings from the sunny Gdansk!
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International Conference “Innovative teaching methods in business education”, 8.04.2014

On April 8, 2014, ITBM 2014 conference on “Innovative teaching methods in business education” was held at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology. The conference was devoted to issues of teaching and education in management and economics. The conference was very popular among both the academic and business world. The conference was attended by around 70 participants from Poland and other countries such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia. The conference was organized within the INNOCASE project , Transfer of Innovative Case Study Aproach in Business Education. INNOCASE project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme and with Polish Ministry funds for Science in 2013-2014 granted for international co-financed project realization.

Partner meeting in Denmark on 7-8 October, 2013

November, 2013
During two sunny autumn days, the Innocase partners held their second partner meeting at VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark.
Following a reporting on the previous activities, focus soon turned to an evaluation of the written case studies. The case studies produced had been scrutinized by the individual partners prior to the meeting, and detailed feedback as well as new ideas were exchanged among the partners.

This activity was followed up by discussions of methodologies for the e-learning course for which the Czech partners presented inspiring ideas. A list of available methods for the e-learning course modules will be elaborated for mutual inspiration. Furthermore the purpose and framework of the coming pilot testing were discussed. This included an as-sessment and clarification of the contents and design of pre- and post-tests.

Finally, more detailed plans were made for the conference en Gdansk on 8 April, 2014. This is an international confer-ence on “Innovative Trends in Business Education” targeting educators, trainers and SMEs’ representatives across Europe. The conference makes up a considerable part of the dissemination plans, which also include a publication of conference papers as well as further on- and offline promotional activities.


Between May 28-29 partners of the project INNOCASE- TRANSFER OF INNOVATION from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and Poland met in Prague to continue work on adaptation of the Finnish RePro Model, methodology of case study, and creation of an e-learning text.
All project partners referred to the progress made since the last meeting in Finnish Kuopio – data collecting in small and medium-sized businesses, their evaluation, and structuring case studies they are preparing as an output of the project. Partners reports involved a lot of positive information related to the selection of SMEs in their countries, but they also discussed some problems that occurred especially in connection with the confidential data that cannot be provided my SMEs because of competition on the market.
The partners also dealt with the specific tasks that should be fulfillled before the next meeting in Denmark.

RePro training in Kuopio, 26-27.02.2013

RePro training for InnoCase partners was held inKuopio meeting in
Finland on the 26^th February by the Lecturer, Anneli Juutilainen,Savonia UAS.

RePro-project aims to provide tested real-business cases, 12 RePro cases
based on student-centred learning (SCL) and RePro manuals for teachers
and students, on how RePro approach and cases can be used in learning

These cases will link real companies and their business problems with
learning processes, thereby also combining consulting and learning to
give the parties involved new perspectives. The third product is a
practical step-by-step model that describes the content and process of
developing RePro cases. All these products are different from the
traditional case method as we have developed multidisciplinary learning
modules which can be used in many different study areas and are related
to specific problems of learning tasks. The RePro case material entails
corporate specific information on the business environment, personnel,
production, marketing, logistics, accounting and finance.

On the other hand the learning task could concentrate on the logistics
problems of the firm or on personnel motivation. However, even if the
student concentrates on one problem area, she/he has access to the whole
case material. This will help the student understand the connection
between the different traditional study areas and link the learning
process to the real business context. The SCL-methods intend to
facilitate students’ knowledge creation skills and professional

Training materials will be available soon on the project website.

Kick-off meeting in Gdansk, Poland

On the 3-5.12.2012 the Kick-off meeting for the INNOCASE project was held at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology. In this meeting, the following partners took part: Savonia University of Applied Sciences (FI), VIA, University College (DK). More information about the meeting and the INNOCASE project can be obtained from project manager, dr Malgorzata Zieba

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme.
This project reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.