Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Partner number: P1
Contact person: Marja Janhunen
Savonia UAS, School of Business, Tourism and Culture
Position: Project Coordinator
PL 1028 (Sairaalakatu 6-8), 70111 Kuopio, Finland
Telephone: + 348 44 785 5901

Savonia UAS is one of the largest universities in Finland with ab.6500 students. Savonia UAS has partners all over the world and cooperates with them in international projects. It coordinates/participates in international programs, including: LLP, FIRST, TEMPUS, NORDPLUS and NORTH-SOUTH. Research, development and Innovation (RDI) activities offer high-quality services and tailor-made solutions to the development needs of the businesses and work communities. New RDI ideas emerge from the problems of work and business life. RDI is done in collaboration with enterprises and organizations to solve their cross-sectoral development issues. RDI activities test new ideas, methods, products and services and promote innovation work. The University has strong experience in implementation and co-ordination of various research and development projects. Co-operation and networking are the crucial factors of its success.

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