Keynote speakers

KN_1Professor Erik de Graaff
Erik de Graaff is trained as psychologist and holds a PhD in social sciences. He has been working with Problem Based learning (PBL) in Maastricht from 1979 till 1990. In 1994 he was appointed as associate professor in the field of educational innovation at the Faculty of Technology Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. Dr. de Graaff has been a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia in 1995 and a guest professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. The collaboration with Aalborg University led to an appointment as full professor at the department of Development and Planning in 2011. Dr. de Graaff is recognized as an international expert on PBL. He contributed to the promotion of knowledge and understanding of higher engineering education with numerous publications and through active participation in professional organizations like SEFI, IGIP, IFEES and ALE. He has published over 200 articles and papers and he has presented more than 70 keynotes and invited lectures on various topics related to PBL in higher education, like: Working with PBL, Management of change, Assessment and evaluation, Methods of applied research and Collaboration between university and industry. Since January 2008 he is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Engineering Education.

KN_2Prof. Dr. Brigita Janiūnaitė
Brigita is professor and Head of the Department of Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology. She has supervised PhD theses. She also is Editor- in – Chief of the journal ‘Social Sciences’ and member of the Board of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association. Brigita Janiūnaitė is an expert of the European Science Foundation and Lithuanian Science Council. She is a committee member of International Conference of Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning. Her research is focused on the issues of change management and social innovation implementation; development of innovative culture at individual and organizational level; higher education; curriculum development. She is actively involved in international and national research and study projects and evaluation of study programmes. Among her publications is a monograph on ‘Educational Innovation Implementation’ (2004, in Lithuanian) and research study ‘Citizen’s innovative culture’ (2007, in Lithuanian) and “Organization innovation culture” (2011). She was elected a Visiting Fellow at St.Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, in 2007. Brigita Janiūnaitė has been involved in a number of international and national research and projects, including the research project supported by the Lithuanian State Science Foundation as a national priorities’ programme ‘Activating citizen’s participation in creating knowledge and learning city by developing innovative culture‘, the project “Development of NIS indicators for Lithuania’; university research programme “Social dimensions of Technological Innovations’. From 2010 she is leading the research project “Study on Profiles of Organization Innovative Culture in public and business sectors“.

KN_3Dr. Miika Kajanus
Miika Kajanus currently works as a coordinator and project leader at the Entrepreneurship & Innovation cross-cutting profile area in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. The main tasks are to organize innovation processes with enterprises and other organizations as a part of regional development strategies. Task contains connecting scientific expertise related to the societal challenge to a multi-disciplinary perspective, open to the further cross-fertilisation of ideas between disciplines and sectors. Work is collaboration mainly with SMEs, inventors, end-users, students, experts, investors and regional development authorities aiming in a straightforward way to implement innovations including all the phases starting from idea generation, concepting, business models development and commercialization. In that position he has been working since 2009 and before that as a research & innovation manager in Ylä-Savo region since 2004. More than one hundred successfully implemented innovations into markets with SMEs during 2008 – 2012 and about twenty scientific articles.

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